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Penny & Maya's Cooking Birthday Party

Saturday 17th June from 2-4pm
Mix&Munch, 166
 Sutherland Grove,
Southfields, SW18

Menu: Pizza & Strawberry Jam Tarts


*The list of allergens are to be found here 


Please note that an allergen-free environment cannot be guaranteed and a dog resides at the property but will be kept in a safe, separate place throughout the class.​​


Completion of this form means that you agree to the following terms and conditions:


  • ​If your child has an allergy or intolerance that all details are given and if your child has been prescribed an epi-pen that this is bought along to the party.

  • If necessary, you consent to the emergency services being contacted for your child.

  • Mix & Munch has full public liability insurance but cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury that occurs on site.

  • This form must be completed at least 24 hours before the start of the party otherwise your child cannot attend the party.​


Any questions contact Rachael at or contact her on 07989 346084.​​

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

Thanks for submitting from Mix & Munch

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