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Everyone remembers a Cooking Birthday Party...they are fun, everyone can participate, learn together and you make fabulous food!

From ages 6 to 16 year olds we can provide the venue (or you can cook at your home) all the entertainment, equipment, recipes, food & fun! All you have to do is provide the birthday cake - or better still get the cooks to make it!


We can do a range of parties from decorating dinosaur biscuits to a bake-off style (with a blind technical challenge) for a 14th birthday.  Birthday Cooking parties normally last for 2 hours where we make 2 dishes from a choice of over 100!


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With our dinosaur biscuit cutters we made dinosaur biscuits with 12  children to celebrate Tom's 3rd birthday.

They ate a few and the rest were taken home in their Mix & Munch bags

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We had a bake-off style party for teenagers when in two teams they baked from scratch a choice of cakes and decorated them too. Two judges were chosen to select the best cake!


And then did a "blind" technical challenge..

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6 Year old Cooking Party

We hosted 10 children for a 6 year old birthday girl, one of our lovely cooks who came to the pre-school classes. In 2 hours we cooked soda bread and sausage rolls together and played a few games with my lovely assistant Natalie


Pizza & Chocolate Cup-Cakes

Home-made PIZZA and making & decorating cup-cakes is always a winner at parties - lots of edible gold spray, sprinkles (and you don't have to provide a cake!)


Fill in the form opposite with details of preferred dates, venue, dishes and number of children.


We can provide a list of the range of dishes we can make. 

Thanks for submitting!

“Wow! What a wonderful party. Everything was so well-planned in advance – from the practical details to a great sequence of cooking challenges. Rachael warmly welcomed a group of excited pre-teens at the door. Two hours later we stepped back in to the aroma of freshly-baked cake to undertake the serious work of judging (and tasting). Its lovely for the girls to have fun together doing something so creative! We’re now savouring what is left of the delicious cakes..."

Amanda (Mum of teenager!) 

“Thank you so much for today’s lovely cooking party for Grace! The children had so much fun and I already had some really sweet feedback from the parents about how yummy the cupcakes were, children saying proudly ‘I made them!’ while they were eating them, and what a great party it has been. Thank you so much! It was also so easy for us, you thought about everything!”

Nadine (Mum of pre-schooler!)

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