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Our KS1 & KS2 after-school cooking classes are a real hit with primary schools that want to offer a cooking club where children cook “real food” (i.e. not just cupcakes!) but a range of food (think rice paper rolls, chicken fajitas, Anzac biscuits!) from around the world. 

Our After-School cooking clubs for key stage 1 & 2 can be held at your school, for 50 minutes to an hour each week during term time on a day that suits everyone. The food is cooked at the school to save parents the hassle of having to cook the dish at home but the classes can be held in the canteen or a classroom.

The classes offer a multi-curriculum approach and each week the cooks cook an international dish and learn about the "secret ingredient".



“Thank you so much for all the yummy food! Look forward to try Chinese New year related food in next week. Andrew loves all the class's.”


“Thank you Isla has really enjoyed the different types of food she has made and can’t wait to sign up for the next term”


“Thank you, Anna cannot wait each week for your cooking class, its her favourite activity of the week.”

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"My son loves your after-school cooking club and particularly loved the Valentines biscuits that he made last week, thank you for getting him to show such enthusiasm for cooking"


We look at the geography of food, the science of food, the environmental concerns of food production. 


Each week we cook a dish and have a quiz on our "secret ingredient".


We will bring all the food, equipment and clear up.


All the recipes will be sent home at the end of the course and each week the children will bring home their creations.

We can be available any day that suits your school and pupils.

We want all children to cook, to have the opportunity of cooking. Cooking is much more than a life-skill!




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