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Find out Who WE are and then come and Join US!

     HELLO, I'm Rachael

....When I started running my cooking classes I loved seeing the amazing benefits of children cooking together. Aside from learning to use kitchen utensils, or listening to instructions, or following measurements and recipes, the children also gained confidence in themselves and had a great sense of pride in what they cooked.


This is why, in all of our classes, our cooks take the food they make home with them (or some of whats left after they have eaten!) as they want to show it off! I love seeing the children’s delight when they have made a dish they had no idea they could make. Cooking is so much more than just a ‘life-skill’…

At the heart of our classes at Mix & Munch is developing an interest in cooking and encouraging our cooks to explore different countries through food.  I want to give children a curiosity, a passion, a joy of healthy nutritious food, and an appreciation of recipes from around the world. In a world of so much division, food can help unite and bring people together! Each class has an international theme where we cook dishes from one place and learn about the ‘food culture’ of that country.     


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Cooking and food has always been a big part of my life, holding special memories with both my Grannies who were excellent cooks and who showered us with treats such as sherry trifle, home-made marmalade, apple turnover & apple charlotte and damson jam (and gin !). My wonderful Aunty made and decorated all my birthday cakes (and my wedding cake too) and introduced us to macaroons, millionaire shortbread & meringues. Yes, we all had a sweet tooth! When I started travelling and living abroad my tastes were widened and I discovered a new food world. With my husband, Saj, being from a different ethnic background this only increased my appetite for exploring the world of food even more!

My children, Asha & Daya, love to cook and after my cooking classes they are keen to try the class recipes, be that sushi, soda bread, chocolate macaroons or Vietnamese rice paper rolls! Our most favourite thing to do is gathering together with friends and family over food… when we meet we eat!

I look forward to cooking and working together. Come and join the Mix & Munch team delivering classes or run your own Mix & Munch franchise.


Join Us - Wherever you are

We want to create a network of Mix & Munch Cooking Clubs around the UK - delivering fun & foodabulous cooking classes of World Food. 

Run your own franchise of Mix & Munch to be part of the national network of childrens cooking clubs, call or email Rachael at


Most of the classes from 6 years upwards are in need of one of my wonderful sous-chefs that not only help the children cook but organise games from Charades to Mafia (and the new one SPLAT!) during our cooking breaks...


Natalie Atkins

"Natalie loves cooking and her favourite food in the world is pizza! Natalie has just completed an MA in Children's illustration and has started running her own illustration business at Natalie has helped organise and run many children's camps".


Clair Geave

"Clair is a vegan and loves experimenting with flavours and world foods in her cooking. Clair is a professional actress and runs her own in person and on-line drama classes. Clair has lots of experience with running children's camps through her work as a coach at Stagecoach".


Sarah Mason

“Sarah loves ALL Italian food, particularly Gelato (!) and her favourite flavour is Morello cherry. Sarah is trained in classical cooking, is a qualified Tefl teacher and runs her own cake making business”

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Natasha Mangla

Natasha is a trained Le Cordon Bleu Chef and has been teaching cooking classes since March 2020 with a particular interest in teaching young people not just how to cook but how to use different ingredients and tools within the kitchen to make meals for themselves and others.

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