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Rocky Road

...Need I say more ? With the darker, colder nights and mornings, the busyness of the longest school term and the run-up to Christmas we all need a little comfort food, a little sweetness to ease the rush and so why not prepare some rocky road...

No oven is needed - just a saucepan and you can freeze it too          
 (cut it up in squares before you do)
Use a sheet of greaseproof paper over the tray to set the rocky road in to easily access it! 

I try and make this Rocky Road a little healthier (!) and crunchier and tastier by adding raisins, sunflower & pumpkins seeds....

Rocky Road

Enough to fill a small take-away foil container

3 portions

2 digestives biscuits

2 rich tea biscuits

1 ginger biscuit

2 tsp. marshmallows

2 tsp. each of sunflower and pumpkin seeds

1 tsp. raisins

Syrup – 1 tbsp.

Unsalted butter – 30g

Cooking milk chocolate – 45g

(Children prefer milk chocolate but you can use dark cooking chocolate if you prefer)

Decorations – sprinkles/edible stars/silver & gold balls and/or sprinkle of sieved icing sugar

1. Bash the biscuits in a small plastic bag with a rolling pin until either fine pieces or chunky pieces - as you wish!

2. Add the pumpkin & sunflower seeds & raisins

3. Melt gently the syrup, unsalted butter and chocolate

4. Mix into the dry ingredients thoroughly and carefully

5. When the chocolate has cooled a bit add the marshmallows

6. Put into a tray on greaseproof paper and flatten with the back of a spoon

7. Decorate with sprinkles/edible stars/silver & gold balls or sprinkle with sieved icing sugar

8. Chill in fridge (or freezer if in a rush)

Decorate with a mixture of: edible silver & gold edible spray/chopped hazelnuts/squiggles of white melted chocolate
Give the Rocky Road a sweeter feel by adding extra chocolates; Revels/Smarties/Broken pieces of Crunchie/M&M's/Broken Mint or Orange Matchmakers
Give the Rocky Road a Christmassy feel by adding in 1 tsp of cranberries and pieces of honeycomb. 
Give the Rocky Road a nutty feel by adding roasted & chopped hazelnuts, flaked almonds and topped with partly crushed pistachios

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